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Biographies / Career Highlights

Sioma Baram (1919-1980) and Bella Brisel (1929-1982) produced their unique art from the 1950s through the 1980s, in Israel and in Formentera, Spain, where they lived for many years.

Baram is noted especially for his Jerusalem Series, which harvests the stars and blends them into the textures of Jerusalem, weaving in both mysticism and the history of that most historical city.

Brisel is better known for her figures of mothers and children, intertwined and interconnected.

During their lives, both were featured in one-person exhibitions in London, Paris, Tokyo, Jerusalem and other art centers, and were notable figures in the art world of their day.


Sioma Baram (1919-1980) Born in Kishinev, Bessarabia. Studied art in Kishinev, Tel Aviv and Paris. Wrote about art in magazines in Paris, London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, etc. Participated in various salons, biennales and group shows in France and in other countries. One-man exhibitions in Paris, London, Lausanne, Ibiza, Formentera, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, etc. Bibliography: Art Documents, Ecole de Paris, Switzerland. Preuves, France. Jewish Art, England. L'Art Abstrait, France. Mizue, Japan. International Biography, England. Gazith, Israel. Galerie des Hommes Celebres, France.

(1929-1982) Born in Jerusalem. Studied art in Tel Aviv and Paris. Participated in various salons, biennales and group shows in France and other countries. One-woman exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Osaka, Lausanne, Lille.

Bibliography: Bilan de l'Art Actuel, France. Jewish Art, England. Art Documents, Switzerland. 29th Century Masters, England. Mizue, Japan. L'Art Abstrait, France. International Biography, England. Gazith, Israel. Bella Brisel

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