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Baram-Brisel Art Annex

Baram-Brisel Art Annex

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Baram-Brisel Art Annex

Sioma Baram and Bella Brisel were Israeli artists of the mid 1900s. Sioma Baram, 1919-1980, is noted especially for his "Jerusalem Series" of works. Bella Brisel, 1929-1982, is better known for her mystical human figures.

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During their lives, both were featured in one-person exhibitions in London, Paris, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and many other major art centers. They participated actively in salons, shows, writing, and other activities of the art world of their time.

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Baram and Brisel were unique artistic voices of their era. Please visit the Baram-Brisel Gallery to explore their art (view art). View the slideshows and large photos of their works. sample work 3 If the pictures leave you intrigued and hungry for more, come back here to order an original or two. And to read some notes about the artists' careers. And, if you wish, to contact the hosts of this gallery.

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